See what attendees are saying about Defrag!

“At Defrag the guy on the stage is a facilitator – every attendee is a presenter.”

“I learn more in two days at Defrag than I do in a normal two months.”

“Defrag attracts an amazing group of people. The discussion is thoughtful and deep. This isn’t your typical conference. If you’re not a thinker who likes to participate, you shouldn’t attend.”

“Defrag is two very intense days of some of the smartest and thought provoking thinking about the use and impact of social information processing today.”

“Defrag is like the time machine to the year ahead.”

“Defrag is not a conference. It’s a mind-changing experience that keeps you thinking for weeks afterwards how to bring your game to the next level.”

“Insightful, Intriguing, Inspiring. The best glimpse possible of how the field is evolving. Not to be missed!”

“2009 was my second Defrag and, as a result, I am definitely more than 2x smarter. Defrag is becoming for our generation what Agenda was for the web’s early pioneers.”

“Most concentrated networking and progressive conference of the year.”

“Defrag is simply awesome”

“Every year Defrag takes What’s Not Working and gives smart people X days to wrestle problems to the ground.”

“The most intriguing and useful of the next-generation web conferences.”

“The Next Ted…. A conference in Denver where VC’s come to listen; Innovators come to learn and Marketers have their minds blown…..”

“Defrag” is the way a conference should be done. The energy is intimate,
informative and on the edge all at the same time.”

“Defrag keeps getting better and better each year.”

“Defrag is the perfect size, chock full of dynamic and thoughtful industry players.
I always get fresh thoughts from attending, and make interesting contacts.”

“Defrag pulled together some of the brightest minds in tech to have an open
conversation about the future of communication. I learned so much.”

“Once again, the lobby conversations at Defrag have provided me powerful incentives to
pursue approaches I’d only vaguely been considering. For further information see this
website www.castle-keepers.com/. Discussing these techniques with the deep thinkers
at Defrag confirmed I was on the right track, and in fact gave me additional insight
into how to solve at least two particularly difficult problems I’d been facing.”

“Defrag continues to stand out from all other technology conferences as a superior event in
both the quality of content and of attendees.”

“Defrag reminds me how amazing it is to be in the world of software….
getting away from the day to day grind to think about the future.”

“We had more quality conversations in the first morning of Defrag than we had during all of the Web 2.0 expo and the Office 2.0 conference combined.”

“I’ve been to five of them [conferences] in 2008: Gartner Portals, BEA Participate, TechCrunch50, KMWorld, Defrag. Defrag was my favorite by far.”

“If you want to leave with the know how to *execute* enterprise 2.0 solutions at your enterprise, this is the conference for you.”

“Defrag [is]…unlike any other conference I attend in that the content is rarely centered on promoting a product or company, but rather on revealing some of the deep thinking that’s going on in the space.”

“The only conference that gets the oncoming information tsunami issues we face, and enables provocative discussions around it. Defrag combines a smaller setting with high wattage participants.”

“There are two big things that make a conference a winner: (1) the quality of people, and (2) the energy they bring. Defrag hits it out of the park on both. Will definitely be back!”

“Defrag is a rare conference that provides a great networking venue for vendors, a thought provoking conference track and an opportunity to learn practical information that can inform your business execution and product development immediately.”

“If you want to be informed, go to other conferences. If you want to be challenged, go to Defrag!”

“Defrag has everything you need (brilliant people, an ambitious idea and great wi-fi) while skipping the hype events and agenda clutter that can dilute a tech conference.”

“[Defrag is a] Great place to learn from and collaborate with others who are exploring new territories.”

“What separated Defrag from every other [conference], including the ones that I was a speaker at, was that I actually learned something. And not just something that I’ll wind up disregarding in a couple of days, but something actually useful that I can apply to my line of business.”

“Defrag brought together the best of the web industry for two days of insightful and innovative discussions.”

“There was a lot to live up to, with the “Aha moment” tag line, I think it did a great job of living up to it though. I had some incredible conversations!”

“This conference has the smartest folks I’ve ever been around in a conference setting.”

“Defrag brings together…broader and more diverse discussions than at most any conference.”

“A delightful gathering of the shakers who are changing the way our collective mind is wired.”

“Defrag found the sweet spot between a traditional conference and a semi-casual gathering with wickedly smart people.”

“I’ve lost count of how many people I met at Defrag have helped make Mailana a reality!”

“I made amazing relationships at defrag and ignited existing ones. I’m indebted to you for that.”

“At these old-school conferences I’ve been at I kept thinking about how much more vital and useful Defrag was in comparison.”