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What to know about GlueCon

If you aren’t deep into the world of data fragmentation from the internet then you probably haven’t attended a conference on the matter. For those of you who want to dabble in the world of computer science or even pursue a career in it then one of these conferences is probably in your near future. This conference is especially beneficial to those who want to go into computer development. There are a few things that you should know prior to attending one of these events.

They’re brainstorm sessions and workshops

DeFrag and Glue are two separate kinds of ideas in the data web world. DeFrag focuses more on getting ideas out there and conversing with other like minded individuals Glue is a conference that will focus more on analytics and actually overlapping of ideas. Glue is the new and improved conference of data fragmentation. You wouldn’t go into DeFrag con with a whole bunch of analysis’ and plans that you have already drawn up. But at GlueCon, promoters encourage you to bring both tools and well thought out plans to share with other developers.

Great conference for any tech startup

Although the name may be off putting, this event is actually beneficial to any computer business that is just getting their foot in the door. Even if you are more into the logistical operations of the tech world, learning a thing or two about software development will only boost your business. Especially if your business is internally run with in house software technicians.

The scholarships are not something to pass up

The scholarship is open to any women and minorities and will cover the complete cost of attending the event including food and travel services. All you have to do is write a short biography about yourself and why you would like to attend the event. Sounds too good to be true!

Loose Agenda

At GlueCon, they like to keep the dates and agenda times soft-set. This means that if something crazy and earth shattering happens a few days before the event, they don’t want to force people to come to 7am breakouts. This also means they won’t have ‘rain or shine’ written on their tickets.


The event is held in Omni Interlocken Resort in Denver, Colorado. You are not required to stay at the venue but sponsors encourage it considering there is not much lodging in the close vicinity. Attendees do not get discounts on rooms but they do get first pick of the luxurious suites that the hotel has to offer.

Check out the video below to learn more about GlueCon!

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