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Top 3 Business Conferences for Young People

So you graduated college with your Bachelor in Marketing or Sales or whatever and now you are in the real world. You will have a job soon enough but for now let’s start from the beginning. You are going to have to attend a few business conferences to get your foot in the door, also known as the best way to network yourself in the real world. The best conferences for young people happen all over the world but we focused on finding the top 5 best conferences for young people.


Rated numero uno on our list for top businesses conferences to attend is SXSW. This event is held by Southwest airlines and hosted in Austin, Texas. Austin just so happens to be the hippest town in Texas. You can enjoy all the beauty of the authentic mid-west while still being sure your Iphone has a solar charger built into whatever bar you are sipping a mojito at.

But the location isn’t the best attribute that this conference has to offer. South by Southwest has broken down some major work hard/ play hard dynamics by adding live music and art during the conference. That’s right, after going to a seminar about digital marketing techniques, you can groove out to Lil Wayne at the nearest stage.

This conference focuses mainly on the changing dynamics of digital technology and how to market them. The merge of art, music and business professionals is what makes this event so innovative. It is definitely not to be missed if you are attempting to boost your creativity in the workplace.

2. Big Omaha

This event takes place on an island in none other than Hawaii and brings in over 4,000 entrepreneurs from big cities around the globe. The conference ensures to have the biggest names in entrepreneurship out there to make sure they have the highest quality programs for the attendees. This focuses on internal communication and how to boost analytics within your business or startup.

Of course in a place where you are gathering a bunch of young adults, there is sure to be after parties. Big Omaha takes pride in their huge opening and closing parties, which are open to the public. Their website is actually quoted saying that is “scientifically proven that if you work hard then you must play hard.” So they throw parties, probably so recruiters can really pick out who can hang and who can’t.

3. WSJ Council Conference

The Wall Street Journal holds a huge conference in Washington D.C., every November where the top CEO and finance heads come together. This one involves a rather expensive membership, but is worth if you are looking to go above and beyond for your business.

The event is held mainly by CEO’s and Editors of the most sought after publications in the U.S. so it is extremely current events based. This is advantageous because you can learn how to build a dynamic off of a business in ever changing world. The only downside to this event is that it is computer coding classes near me business, meaning no parties!

However you spend your parents money on your next adult conference, just know there will be a lot of recruiters there. Put on your best suit and try not to smell like alcohol from the night prior!

Check out the video below for more info on the best business conferences!

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