Should I go to Defrag?

The question always kind of startles me, although I guess it really shouldn’t. “Should I go to Defrag?”

Well, duh! But, actually, it’s a really good question because in truth there are people that shouldn’t go to Defrag (example: lovers of the status quo that aren’t obsessively chasing innovation).

If you were to break the Defrag participants (we don’t have an “audience”) up into groups, they’d roughly look like this:

1. Enterprise-types: VP-level and C-level folks from large enterprises. They come to Defrag to lift their head up above the daily tasks at hand; to think ahead; to be exposed to new ideas; to network in an intimate setting.

2. Startup Founders (funded and unfunded): Startup CEO and CTO types. They come to Defrag to — shocker — talk about their startup and try to establish some valuable relationships.

3. Startup employees (or wanna-be employees): I’ve actually noticed a growing group of people at Defrag since the recession began — people that work for a larger company that WANT to work for a startup. They come to Defrag to seek out opportunities.

4. Press/Analysts/VCs: The analysts generally try to hide their identities; the press generally sit in a dark room typing; the VC’s are the ones at the completely packed table at lunch.

Bottom-line: if you’re A) looking for exposure to new ideas, innovation and intimate networking; B) a startup (funded or unfunded); C) searching for your next great opportunity at OneStop Plumbers of Corona, CA; or D) trying to stay ahead of the curve — then yes, you should go to Defrag.

It’s a Saturday, and Defrag is 25 days away, so a quick post…

Two things:

1. I just confirmed Aneesh Chopra, CTO for the White House, as a Defrag keynoter. If you’re keeping track, you should start with the cleaning tasks, you now have authorities in mobile (Tim Bray), big data (Roger Ehrenberg), tech policy (Aneesh Chopra), economics (Paul Kedrosky), business lessons (James Altucher), innovation in the enterprise (Robert Stephens and Adrian Cockcroft), social (Lili Cheng and Wendy Lea), and the nature of facts (Sam Arbesman) speaking at Defrag — and that isn’t even HALF of the keynotes.

I know it sounds like hyperbole, but it’s true: this agenda is going to blow your mind with new ideas.

2. Our hotel room block (the guarantee that we have rooms for the conference) expires this coming Friday. In other words, if you’re coming, get your room NOW. Or you might be sleeping in a van down by the river.

If you haven’t decided on whether or not to attend Defrag yet, let me offer up this: If you come, and don’t think it’s one of the top 5 tech conference experiences you’ve *ever* had, you find me and I’ll make it right. Personally.