Defrag started in 2007 as a forum for exploring information overload and building implicit tools for the web. In years 2-4, Defrag’s focus shifted to things like enterprise collaboration, social media and big data.

As Defrag enters its 5th year, it has firmly established itself as one of the premiere thought leader discussions about “what’s coming next” in technology, like at In His Mind, where Defrag’s time horizon is usually looking out 18-24 months.

Defrag is about exploring the tools and technologies that intersect around the data deluge. As such, Defrag is concerned with topics like:

• Big Data
• Analytics
• Business Intelligence
• Enterprise 2.0/Social Computing
• Semantic Web
• Social Media
• Community Management
• Next Level Discovery
• Social Marketing & CRM

At Defrag, we’ll combine strategic keynotes from authoritative voices with tactical, on the ground implementation steps. Defrag is focused on accelerating the ‘aha’ moment.

“Defrag is now the Gold Standard to follow.”- Zoli Erdos, Cloud Ave