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7 Myths About Dating Affiliate Marketing

There are a lot of myths that exist around affiliate marketing. A lot of people are either discouraged from getting into the business because of these or they start their work in affiliate marketing completely misinformed about what they actually need to do to succeed. Here are some of the most prominent myths about affiliate marketing:

1. Affiliate marketing is almost impossible

One of the most common misconceptions is about the difficultly level of Affiliate marketing. A lot of people maintain that it is more trouble than it is worth. However, it is not entirely impossible to affiliate market, as it is not entirely possible to pursue any other career.

All you need is a little gusto and motivation and you too can be an effective affiliate marketer. Just because affiliate marketing is not wildly traditional, does not mean it is impossible.

2. Affiliate marketing is wildly easy and requires little effort

This is the flipside of the first myth: sometimes people think that affiliate marketing – instead of being too difficult – is actually really easy, so easy anyone can do it. This is entirely false. You cannot walk into affiliate marketing with a hands-off attitude. This is a business that requires work and attention. You cannot get away with doing the bare minimum and turn a profit. I think it is accurate to say that affiliate marketing sits in a sweet spot between difficult and wildly easy.

3. The market its oversaturated, don’t even try to get in the game

There are a lot of affiliate marketers in the game. But that does not mean you cannot turn a profit. The internet is a huge, endless frontier. Believe me when I say that it is not overcrowded territory. You have the opportunity to make a big chunk of money if you only try. Do not be discouraged by the marketers who have been in the game longer and have more knowledge than you. Learn from them. Look at their sites – particularly the higher ranking ones – and think about what you can do better. Join forums. Read articles and books about how you can do better. Don’t let the thought of competition bother you.

4. Making websites and managing them is easy 

Anyone who has actually had a high ranking site knows that making a site and leaving it alone is a huge affiliate marketing sin. You cannot get away with just creating sites and abandoning them, hoping that they might find their way to some SEO place. False. You have to maintain and update your sites with good, SEO content in order to rank – and thus, turn a profit.

5. Attempts at social media marketing WILL be fruitful

While social media marketing is easily one of the better ways to get the word out, you have to be strategic. Blasting people’s twitter feeds with boring, hardly clickable ads will get you nowhere. Make sure your social media posts are interesting and eye-catching, otherwise you’ll be looked over – or worse, you’ll get blocked.  And if you liked these 5 tips then head over to JustCash for more dating affiliate tips and tricks to supercharge your cash flow, or check out the video below.

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