Nov. 14-15, 2012 Broomfield, Colorado

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Getting inspired with the Rays

Yes, the video kick continues –

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Enterprise 2.0 – the walking dead?

Is enterprise 2.0 “the walking dead?” I think not.

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The day ahead – speaking with Chris

Amidst the day of endless details that make up the two weeks prior to a conference, I’ve got a phone call with Chris Shipley to discuss the sessions she’s involved with at Defrag – and I’m looking forward to it. Folks have long known Chris as one

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Rounding the turn

We’re “rounding the turn” and heading toward the finish line that is Defrag (in three weeks). If you’re “on the fence” about coming, I want to offer two tidbits of information. First, a quote from Rich Hoeg: My question to you … have you defragged your brain

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10 reasons to come to Defrag

Recapping 10 reasons to come to defrag (and, really, there are many more than 10 reasons): #10: Next-gen email thinking: email’s broken and we’re discussing how to fix it. #9: Grounded Optimism: Economic realism plus strategy equals grounded optimism. #8: An Intimate Setting: Tired of expo aisles?

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Reason #1: You.

Reason #1 to come to Defrag: You. Not “you” in some narcissistic sense; “you” in the, we wanna hear from you and have you contribute to the conversation. And in doing so, you’ll: A) help your own career B) help your company’s planning and implementation C) help

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Reason #3: BoF dinners

Reason #3 to come to Defrag: BoF dinners. As if the agenda and networking reception weren’t enough,  Get Satisfaction will be organizing Birds of a Feather dinners (“BoFs”) on Monday eve of Defrag (after the evening reception ends). These are emergent, group organized dinners around topics –

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Reason #4: The Conversation

Reason #4 to come to Defrag is simple: The Conversation. If you look at the Defrag agenda , you’ll see that what might normally be an hour long keynote is only 45 minutes, or what might normally be a 45 minute breakout session is only 30 minutes.

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Reason #5: Transparency is the new black

As I’ve been blogging today, I think that “transparency” is about to become the new “black” (similar to what “compliance” and “governance” became in the wake of Enron and the legislation of Sarbox). All of which leads me to reason #5 to come to defrag: over the

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Reason #6: The People

Reason #6 to come to Defrag: The People. Pete Warden has done a herculean job of outlining a “who’s who” from the Defrag speaker list. But, of course, the speakers aren’t the only cool people at defrag – in fact, it’s not even close! The attendees at

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