Nov. 14-15, 2012 Broomfield, Colorado

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Defrag and Blur 2012

Believe it or not, today is the day when I begin thinking about this year’s Defrag — and after last year’s sold-out, blow-out 5 year anniversary Defrag, I can’t wait. And this year we’re going to be doing something that, I think, is going to give people

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XY in Tech

One of my first “heroes” in technology was Esther Dyson. I remember going to her legendary (and now defunct) conference – PC Forum – and being absolutely blown away. The days were heady discussions about anything that Esther found to be interesting, and the nights were cocktails

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Women in Tech Event at Defrag

Yesterday, I announced the Kauffman Scholarships for Defrag – including the fact that we’re reserving 50% of the scholarships for women students/entrepreneurs, and that we’re working on a project whereby we’d award college tuition money to a deserving young woman that wants to study computer science. Continuing

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Defrag Year 5

Yesterday, Krish Subrmanian asked on Twitter: “Why is @adrianco talking at Defrag? Shouldn’t he be at Gluecon? cc: @defrag #justwondering #didimissthetheme?” “Adrianco” is Adrian Cockcroft, cloud architect at Netflix, and I’ve asked him to come keynote at Defrag. Krish is a bit confused because, historically, this would be a

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Beyond the here and now

The smell of bacon is in the kitchen, there’s a deck being built in the back yard, and I awoke this morning with big thoughts in my head. I’ve been contemplating the different formats of conferences for the past week or so – all with the goal

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An Agenda First Draft – kinda

We’ve posted the “first draft” of the agenda, although it is actually more like an alpha because all that’s really there is format. Don’t get me wrong, we have stuff to put there, but I’ve just posted format at this point (mostly for feedback). As you take

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Beginning to eye Defrag

Believe it or not, we’re beginning to work on Defrag 2009. Please check out what past attendee’s thought of Defrag, and then consider attending this year’s iteration. Here’s what we’ve got cookin’ so far: 1. This year’s advisors include – Roger Ehrenberg Paul Kedrosky Chris Shipley Jerry

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Avoiding the innovator’s dilemma

One of the weird parts of my “job” is to look beyond what attendees say they want to hear more about, and give them things that I think they *should* hear more about (i.e., to provide them with stuff they haven’t thought of yet). Call it the

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The Systemic Anomaly

Call this an “off-topic” defrag post, though not totally off-topic… At the end of the day yesterday, I plopped on the couch, firmly ensconced in “potato” mode, and caught the last half of The Matrix Reloaded. Remember when Neo meets the architect, and they walk through his

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A snapshot of the defrag crowd

I’m kind of figuring that most of you already know whether or not you’re coming to Defrag, but on the off chance that you haven’t made your mind up yet, let me help. Come. The crowd we’re assembling is really gonna be something. Here’s a quick snapshot

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