Nov. 14-15, 2012 Broomfield, Colorado

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Defrag agenda, day 1

I’ve been really digging into the defrag agenda, so much so that what’s currently on the website isn’t totally “current” (that’ll change shortly). As such, I thought I’d walk through and highlight some things, topics and cool stuff that I’m seeing on day 1: Strategic Intuition and

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Knowledge Networking and Ambient Intimacy

Perry Mizota sent over a session description for “Knowledge Networking and Ambient Intimacy”: Leveraging the knowledge of others has always been important in maximizing one’s productivity in the business world.  Now, as the Internet has become a platform for individuals to communicate their expertise on various topics,

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Rich asks “where’s the beef?”

Man, I miss those old Wendy’s commercials! Rich Hoeg has a session at Defrag entitled, “Social search in the corporate environment,” and was kind enough to send in this description: Where’s the beef? Have you ever wondered whether all these Web 2.0 tools can be effectively utilized

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Help me build the identity session

We’ve got a session title on the board entitled, “Can identity be a filter for information overload?” Ian Glazer, an analyst with Burton Group is moderating. Here’s the thing: I want help figuring out who Ian should be talking to. With that goal in mind, a couple

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Anything but ho-hum

I’ve been reading a meme lately that goes something like, “tech has gotten boring,” and all I can say is “not in my world.” Sure, maybe if you’re obsessed with the valley-echo, things may seem a little ho-hum, but I’ve been working on the Defrag agenda, so

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Defragging the Agenda

I’ve posted the most recent version of the Defrag Agenda, and things are looking mighty good (if I do say so myself)! A couple of notes: 1. On the “Sponsor Challenge”: yes, these are spots where we’re challenging our high-level sponsors to give us their vision for

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Unraveling the Defrag narrative, part 1

A recent banner ad that we ran touted Defrag as “the intersection of the Implicit Web and Enterprise 2.0″ — one of those phrases that you hope captures something, even if you’re not quite sure what that something is. Actually, wrapping our heads around the ideas that

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