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The Bon Jovi Lesson

Last year, I wrote a blog post entitled, “The Van Halen Lesson” — the point of which being that you should launch big in small venues. In that spirit, I’m continuing on that path, while simultaneously stealing from Ben Horowitz (in using music as an instructive mechanism)

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Educators, Brad and Women in Tech

It’s a Tuesday, I’m rocking out to the Rolling Stones’ “Exile on Main Street” album, and a few Defrag updates seemed appropriate. First off, check out the Aspirations in Computing Educator Award from the NCWIT. The award is meant to identify teachers that are positioned to have an

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Defrag Announcements

As the world sits watching financial markets, the real ramp toward Defrag has begun — which means that over the coming days, you’ll see a ton of announcements here around keynoters, sponsors and special events. In that vein, let’s start today with two announcements: 1. The Kauffman

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Not predictions, or pontifications, but…

This morning I’m thinking about how weird and wonderful and topsy turvy the next 3-5 years are going to be. I’m thinking about “what if” scenarios. Not predictions. Not pontifications. Not even well-reasoned thought. Just “what if” scenarios… What if…the Foundry Group, Jeff Clavier, YCombinator, Union Square,

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It’s time to get inspired

I’ve been sick since Sunday. I hate being sick. My wife will tell you (find her at the Defrag registration desk) – I become the world’s biggest baby when I’m sick. I don’t handle it well. Things are different this morning, though. I’m waking up absolutely INSPIRED.

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Andy, Howard and Jason on a Sunday morning

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Barbells, transparency and tech’s role

The news around the “financial crisis” on Wall Street has been everywhere as of late. I’m personally still sorting through things a bit, but I’ve started to piece some things together — which, if you can hang with me long enough, might just lead back to technology:

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Cisco knows that collaboration is key

Cisco has been screaming that collaboration is key to its future growth — both in analyst calls and with its actions. They backed this up again today by acquiring Jabber. (Full disclosure: Andre Durand, one of the founders of Jabber, is one of my close friends and

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#9: Grounded Optimism

(This post continues my series of “10 reasons to come to Defrag.”) Kara Swisher has posted an interesting article entitled, “Dear Web 2.0: It’s Still the Economy, Stupid!” In it, Kara rails against the seeming disconnect between the startups that launched last week, their valley backers, and

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Backing the Independents

It is no secret: there are a ton of “tech conferences” out there. The great majority of these are run by “media companies,” while a handful are run by “the independents.” By independents, I mean Chris and Ponzi Pirrillo (Gnomedex), Kevin Werbach (Supernova) and Ismael Ghalimi (Office

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