Nov. 14-15, 2012 Broomfield, Colorado

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A Brief Blur Interlude

If you’re coming to Defrag, make sure that you’re taking the 1 extra day to come to Blur as well (combo-tickets are available). Why? Because the frontiers that Blur walks into are truly breath-taking. Take, for instance, this Gartner chart. If you look at the things that

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The 20 Year Cycle

Over the years, Defrag has covered a variety of topics — from social business to the semantic web to social media to big data, etc. And, as the community has really formed around Defrag, we’ve taken on what some have thought are “TED-like” qualities (big idea talks

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Super Early Bird Ending Soon

“Super Early Bird” registration, or as I like to call it, “the worm” — is ending on August 3rd, and you really should take advantage of it. You can find the options here, and you’ll notice that you can buy a combo ticket for Defrag/Blur at these

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Defrag Keynoters, Part 1

Defrag’s registration opens to the public on July 5th, so I wanted to let everyone know a few things: 1. We’re limiting this year’s crowd to 325 people. We’re doing this because last year, when we were over that number, it started to become clear that we

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The Dreaded Predictions List

Ahhhh, December – how I love thee. I have this annual tradition in December where I completely suspend work for the last two weeks of the month, and I spend time assessing the past year (how I performed on personal goals; I’m big on writing down goals,

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The Defrag Soundtrack

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Defrag Wrap-up, Part 1

Defrag’s over, and my sense was that it was our best yet. I wanted to share some quick thoughts/reflections, and then come back in a later post (in a few weeks) and share my “here’s where we’re gonna improve” post that I do annually. 1. One of

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Defrag Speakers on Distracted Enterprise

We’re four days from Defrag, and I wanted to call your attention to the beginnings of a conversation that will take place during and after the show. Our friends at Mainsoft have set up a blog called “Distracted Enterprise” (good stuff), and we’ve asked speakers to begin

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Can E2.0 Overcome Human Nature?

Last night, somewhere in the second quarter of the Steelers-Bengals game, I asked a rather loaded question on Twitter: “Does anyone actually believe that e2.0 can overcome human nature?” I forget the specific thing that triggered me to ask the question, but I do know that I

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